Payment Processing & MMJ Industry

Historically, the medical marijuana industry has been primarily a cash-based business. All legal medical marijuana industry businesses had no option until recently but to accept the greater risk that comes with cash businesses.

In the mid to late 2000’s several banks were offering merchant account services for medical marijuana dispensaries, enabling them to accept credit cards. Even so, the challenge for medical marijuana merchants was often in establishing a true business bank account to deposit their credit card proceeds.

At MMJ Card Processing, we have made the ability to provide merchant accounts to marijuana dispensaries and other cannabis industry businesses our primary goal. We saw, first hand, both merchants’ and consumers’ frustration with so-called alternative processing solutions (such as Voucher and Point of Banking/POB Programs). We saw the need, put our collective experience and know how to work, and developed a legitimate workable cannabis/medical marijuana credit card processing solution. Our system is unique and has been established through strategic partnerships, and alliances within the credit card processing industry and banks that recognize the importance of the many elements of the medical marijuana industry.

Currently, we offer a complete debit and credit card processing solution as well as a complete depository banking solution for medical marijuana dispensaries.

  • Easy approval & set up process
  • Accept all 4 major credit card brands
  • Assistance in establishing a Depository Business Bank
  • Account
  • Funds deposited directly into checking account
  • Card swipe terminal included
  • Cash pick up services available 

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